Friday, 21 of September of 2018

Inclusion at Newport High

The Inclusion Centre opened in 2006 and it is a key aspect of social inclusion at Newport High School. It fulfils six essential roles in the school. It provides:

  • An alternative for students facing a fixed term exclusion
  • A centre for re-integration for students who have had a long fixed term exclusion or who have been manage moved
  • A centre of isolation for students who have been removed from subject isolation for inappropriate behaviour via the school’s referral system
  • A centre where students whose behaviour is affecting their learning can develop strategies to help them manage their behaviour more effectively
  • A centre where students who are returning to school after a period of long-term absence can ‘catch-up’ with school work or be supported in the development of their basic skills
  • A centre where students with additional needs can be supported in developing the skills they need to be able to achieve their potential

The Inclusion Centre aims to promote a positive attitude to learning and achievement. It is integral to the whole-school policy on improving attendance and behaviour, raising standards of attainment and promoting inclusive practice. The Inclusion Centre has seven clear aims:

  • To improve behaviour
  • To reduce the number and length of fixed-term exclusions
  • To reduce the number of permanent exclusions
  • To raise achievements
  • To re-integrate students into the mainstream environment
  • To provide a curriculum tailored towards individual needs
  • To support inclusive practice where all students’ needs are met in the mainstream environment

The Inclusion Centre has a multisensory room which provides a stimulating and calming environment. It has a bubble column, low lighting with a projector to cast slow-moving images and colours around the walls, a disco ball and fibre-optic sprays, wall panel and mat. There is also music, a variety of tactile items and beanbags. In addition, the multi-sensory room has a chalkboard wall panel for students to express their thoughts and feelings. Thus there is equipment to provide visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic stimulation.

Download the School Based Counselling Service PowerPoint here.

Research has shown that a breakfast club can help reduce truancy and improve concentration levels, as well as providing students with the best possible start to the day. Therefore, if you are interested in attending breakfast club please speak to your Head of House or Tutor for Learning.

“Please celebrate my creative ability as I see more than you will ever know feeling times smooth surface arc and flow touching hands of remembered imagination walking neural paths with memory visualisation my specific learning difference.”

Jon Adams – CEO of the British Dyslexia Association

One of Newport High School’s strengths is the quality of educational and pastoral support available, as we adopt a multi-agency approach to meeting the needs of all our learners.

We have Learning Coaches who provide support on a one-to-one and small group setting to help students:

  • Develop study skills
  • Prepare for exams
  • Provide guidance and advice as a mentor
  • Assist with planning career pathways
  • Support students with completing coursework
  • Help students develop their self esteem and build their confidence

We have two Youth Workers based in school and they guide and support students in raising their aspirations so that they can reach their full potential. The project delivered via one-to-one mentoring, supports students for a minimum of 6 weeks by:

  • Meeting individual need and overcoming barriers to learning
  • Raising individual aspirations
  • Helping students remain in mainstream education and preventing them moving to the margins of their community
  • Taking the views of students into account, individually and collectively
  • Raising participation and achievement levels and awareness of opportunities available to students

If you would like to access a Learning Coach or Youth Worker please speak to your Head of House, TfL, Co-Tutor or any member of staff.